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About Chicopit Bay – Jacksonville’s Premier Kayak Fishing Adventure

At Chicopit Bay we are all about “Performance Driven Fishing”, and with 50 + years of combined shallow water and tournament angling success we bring you to an informative place for anglers to land. Throughout our site you will find info on the best products on the market as well as our own signature gear, book a private kayak angling charter to get into the action, stay up to date on various events and tournaments, pieces of valuable fishing information through our media links and our blog, links to resources throughout the industry, plus stay up to date daily with tide, weather, and more!

The Guides:

Frank “The Mayor of Chicopit” Gregg

The Mayor, as he’s most commonly known in his home town of Jacksonville, FL, has been named rightfully so. Frank is Jacksonville’s unofficial ceremonial angler; he carries himself humbly, yet the information and insight the Mayor has relating to the underwater world is unsurpassed. Frank is the center of attention of Jacksonville’s supreme fishery, and when the Mayor speaks, the angling community in Jacksonville listens! Frank has won numerous tournaments over the years and was a dominating force in the Redfish Tournament Trail. With over 30 years of tournament experience under his belt, Frank has tallied more than $50,000 in prize money. He has racked up so many trophies that at some point in time he may just have to add an extension to his home in order to house them all.

Rory “Weekend Warrior” Gregg

As the son of famed Hobie Regional Pro, Frank “The Mayor of Chicopit” Gregg, Rory Gregg was seemingly destined to be a waterman.  An accomplished professional angler in his own right, Rory has demonstrated a true dominance in numerous tournaments, including a top ten finish on the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour.  When not chasing the next redfish slam, he can be found spending time with his family, penning articles for Void and GAFF magazines, guiding clients, and promoting both the Hobie brand and kayak angling lifestyle through seminars and online forums.